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Welcome to the official website of Jo Swinney

Jo is a writer, speaker, and editor.  She blogs about the spiritual life, depression and being a writer, usually posting twice a week.

Jo is also a novice gardener, an avid reader,  an ex-traveller, a food lover on a long-term diet, an asker of probing questions and a strict observer of bedtime.  She is married to Shawn, an Associate Vicar , and mother to Alexa (6) and Charis (3).  She has a Masters in Christian Studies from Regent College, Vancouver, and a D in GCSE physics, which was better than she deserved.

Jo has written four books- Through the Dark Woods, a personal account of what it is like being a depressed Christian, Cheerful Madness, dealing with love and marriage and what happens to turn one into the other,  God Hunting, a down to earth look at spiritual disciplines and  Keeping Faith: being family when belief is in question, co-authored by Katharine HIll andpublished by Scripture Union in partnership with Care for the Family.

Jo is the editor of the new-look Closer to God daily Bible guide, and has written Closer to God for Newcomers: meet Jesus, published in September 2012.

 She also writes for Christianity Magazine, The Church Times, Youthwork Magazine,  Daily Bread, WordLive,  Liberti, Magnet, The Parish Pump, The Life, The Christian Writer, Woman Alive  and Families First and has written a feature for the Bible Society's Freedom Bible

 During 2011, Jo worked as an official advocate for Lyfe, an online Bible Society resource for spiritual formation in today's world. 

Jo has spoken at New Wine, Wheaton College, Radiant, Roots, Fireseeds, CRE, Fusion and The Big House and this summer gave her first Greenbelt seminar.  She is in demand for women's breakfasts, and frequently teaches on depression in a church context.

She has been featured on UCB radio, Premier and Cross Rhythms a number of times, and has done four shows for Revelation TV.  In April 2012 she was a guest on ABC's show, "The Spirit of Things." You can listen here.

Hope you enjoy the site :) 

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Article for Wyn Magazine

February 3rd, 2014

I wrote this recently for Wyn Magazine on whether marriage can survive depression (spoiler: it can): http://www.wynmag.com/issue/december-2013/marriage-can-survive-depression...

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New job :)

January 19th, 2014

I got my first ever grown up job- read about it on the...

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David Bloomfield

March 21st, 2014

Dear Jo, It seems to me that as long as we are honest (which you are) there is always a tomorrow, "a new day" and a new start with Jesus. I sometimes think that hHe has far more patience with me than...

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February 4th, 2014

Jen- love the idea of grace stickers :) Julia- that is an epic story- love it (well, kind of hate it too!!). Annon- so many cars in the Bible...who...

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